Postal strike affecting the functioning of TE Offices


Invitations, job offers and training opportunities sent to job seekers will also be available on the TE Office website.

Job seekers have been directed to use the e-services during the postal strike. However, not every job seeker has an opportunity to use the e-services.

In practise, notifications of the realisation of employment plans are always to be submitted via the online service or by phone. This being the case, the postal strike will not affect job seekers’ opportunities to implement their plans or to report on their realisation.

Job offers are primarily made to help job seekers to find jobs that suits them and, therefore, it is also in the interest of job seekers to keep an eye on job offers made to them on the online service.

Despite the strike, from the viewpoint of job seekers, it is relevant that they have an opportunity to apply for a job or labour market training offered to them, but the TE Office will pay special attention to the fact that job seekers receive all contact information relevant to them. Furthermore, the TE Office seeks to ensure, on a case-by-case basis, that job seekers will not be requested unnecessarily to provide further clarifications and that the payment of unemployment benefits will not be delayed for reasons attributable to the TE Office on account of mail that job seekers have not received due to the strike.

A letter not received due to the postal strike does not penalise job seekers with regard to the unemployment benefit. However, any sanctions and the impact of the strike on their imposition will always be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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News article dated 8 November: Postal strike affecting letter delivery – Online services operating as normal