Private service providers can now offer their services on Job Market Finland


Now also private service providers can become partners of Job Market Finland, and have their own services visible on the Job Market Finland's test version; the third sector service providers will be included later.

In the first phase, the services provided by the partners are visible to job seekers and employers on service lists, from which the user can access the partner's own online service via a link.

Partner services are displayed on the list equally with public services. In early 2020, service providers' services will be highlighted in situation-based entities, that are favoured by the users of Job Market Finland’s test version.

The partnership offers the service provider the opportunity to make its services available to a wide range of customers on a public platform. From the beginning of 2020, the services will be more targeted.

- For example, those interested in self-employment have their own situation-based entity. Services that support self-employment are displayed in this section. Later on, we will be able to provide partners with anonymous data about customers and, for example, those services that people are looking for, but which cannot yet be found on Job Market Finland, says Mikko Rantahalme, Director for Procurement from the TE Digi.

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Private service providers can now offer their services in Job Market Finland (in Finnish)