News 2020


24.11.2020 Employment Bulletin: 312,700 unemployed jobseekers in October
23.11.2020 Labour market forecast: Prolonged unemployment will shape the labour market
19.11.2020 Temporary extensions to unemployment benefit of laid-off employees and entrepreneurs to continue
11.11.2020 Are you going to move to the UK to work? Prepare for Brexit
02.11.2020 The Government proposes: TE Offices could temporarily offer labour market training leading to a university degree


30.10.2020 The KEHA Centre and the ELY Centre will start using the benefits data of the Incomes Register as of 1 January 2021
20.10.2020 Employment Bulletin: 315,800 unemployed jobseekers in September
20.10.2020 More than a 1,000 immigrants employed through Integration SIB project
19.10.2020 Facing unemployment
06.10.2020 Downtime in TE Services 23–26 October 2020


24.09.2020 Use of the Katso service will be discontinued – this is how to start using the service
22.09.2020 Employment Bulletin: 329,700 unemployed jobseekers in August
21.09.2020 TE telephone services’ email services will be discontinued from the beginning of October
18.09.2020 Occupational Barometer: COVID-19 reduced the number of shortage occupations, trend unchanged in surplus occupations
18.09.2020 Government budget session decisions support the achievement of the employment target
17.09.2020 Did your service end and you do not have a job lined up?
11.09.2020 If your lay-off continues for an extended period of time
09.09.2020 Downtime in TE Services 18–21 September 2020 is cancelled
09.09.2020 Joint application period for higher education 2.9.-16.9.
02.09.2020 Government proposes to expand the local government trials on boosting employment


25.08.2020 Employment Bulletin: 387,500 unemployed jobseekers in July
20.08.2020 Cut down on letters with us
20.08.2020 How to find work after a summer job? Get our best tips
19.08.2020 Employ with pay subsidy - post vacancies with pay subsidy conveniently online
05.08.2020 New competence through labour force training


21.07.2020 Employment Bulletin: Number of unemployed jobseekers rose in June
09.07.2020 Unemployed jobseeker - remember to be available during the summer
07.07.2020 Cost Support can be applied for from the State Treasury as of 7.7.2020


30.06.2020 Entrepreneurs' right to unemployment security due to the coronavirus epidemic has been extended until 31 December 2020
26.06.2020 Entrepreneur: If your right to labour market subsidy is extended, the TE Office will contact you
24.06.2020 Sharp increase in unemployed jobseekers in May
23.06.2020 Measures that have brought security and flexibility to labour markets during coronavirus epidemic will be extended
23.06.2020 Extension to the maximum duration of start-up funding remains in force
18.06.2020 Labour market forecast: Employment may fall less than feared, but a significant risk of weak employment trend exists
18.06.2020 Exceptional service hours 18.6.-19.6.
12.06.2020 Start-up grants encourage new business
05.06.2020 Government proposes to extend measures that have brought security and flexibility to labour markets during coronavirus epidemic
05.06.2020 Government proposal on local government trials on boosting employment
04.06.2020 Many food and beverage service sector businesses will receive compensation for restrictions on activities without an application – businesses can apply for job retention and re-employment support as of 5 June
02.06.2020 Supplementary budget provides support for jobseekers and young people
01.06.2020 Act on support and compensation for restaurants confirmed – entry into force on 5 June


29.05.2020 Situation report: lay-offs buffer unemployment growth, financial support for businesses prevents bankruptcies
28.05.2020 About to graduate but no work lined up?
28.05.2020 The Summer Job Helpline offers advice on matters related to summer employment
27.05.2020 Number of unemployed jobseekers nearly doubled in April
18.05.2020 TE telephone service is open 20.5. from 9 am to 3 pm, closed on Ascension Day 21.5.
08.05.2020 Temporary legislative amendment: when initiating a job search, it is not required to answer questions on service needs and update one’s employment plan
08.05.2020 Maximum start-up grant period temporarily extended


30.04.2020 Our telephone services are busy
28.04.2020 More than 30,000 potential employees available for seasonal work
23.04.2020 Sharp increase in the number of unemployed jobseekers in March
23.04.2020 Extension to the maximum duration of start-up funding and more flexibility to jobseeker interviews
21.04.2020 Start-up grants to secure the livelihood of business owners when operations are suspended or there is less work
17.04.2020 Shortage of seasonal labour will be solved through cooperation between TE Services and the Töitä Suomesta (Work in Finland) service
15.04.2020 Become a fellow worker for a farmer - seasonwork for you
14.04.2020 Preparations for coronavirus-related support to sole entrepreneurs progressing
08.04.2020 The Act on the Right of Entrepreneurs to Unemployment Security enters into force on 8 April 2020
08.04.2020 Important information for entrepreneurs registering as jobseekers
03.04.2020 Entrepreneurs entitled to unemployment security due to coronavirus epidemic
01.04.2020 Legislative amendment extends employees’ right to unemployment benefit during lay-off and provides easier and quicker access to unemployment benefit
01.04.2020 Lay-offs step by step – video guide for employers


31.03.2020 Notice period for lay-offs and the duration of co-operation negotiations will be temporarily shortened
25.03.2020 The Government will facilitate freelancers and sole entrepreneurs’ access to unemployment security, regardless of the form of company
24.03.2020 The number of unemployed jobseekers increased in February
24.03.2020 TE Offices provide services for companies in change situations
20.03.2020 Enterprise Finland’s Talousapu advisory service advises companies facing payment difficulties
17.03.2020 Our customer services follow the guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI). Please actively follow the official information bulletins on the coronavirus.
17.03.2020 What to do if you are laid off
16.03.2020 Career guidance services at TE Offices play an important role during transition phases in working life and education


27.02.2020 The TE Services will implement an electronic exchange of information on matters regarding international benefits
25.02.2020 The number of unemployed jobseekers increased in January
20.02.2020 Joint application periods for spring 2020
19.02.2020 Employer: Also report optional information to the Incomes Register
17.02.2020 Time to Apply for a Summer Job
05.02.2020 How to avoid telephone service rush hours


30.01.2020 Trade unions can also apply for pay security electronically
24.01.2020 Employment Bulletin: Increase in unemployed jobseekers in December
22.01.2020 Guide to unemployment fund benefits 2020
17.01.2020 Preparation of the Government’s employment measures is progressing as planned