Integration training for immigrants

Integration training gives adult immigrants better possibilities of becoming a part of Finnish society. To receive unemployment benefit, you must take the initial survey and participate in integration training. The requirement to participate in the training concerns both labour market training and independent training funded with unemployment benefit. 

You will be instructed to take part in integration training, if 

  • you have lived less than three years in Finland
  • you are at least 17 years old
  • you are unemployed or becoming unemployed soon
  • integration training is suited to your learning abilities
  • integration training supports your overall integration and employment targets.

Sign up with your nearest TE-services office and you can start discussion about taking part in integration training. 

How to sign up with TE-services

In integration training, you can

  • learn Finnish or Swedish and communication skills
  • pick up civic and working life skills
  • have a personal vocational plan drawn up for you.

After the integration training you are able to do business in shops and bureaus. You can then move on forward to employment, vocational training or professional studies. As an immigrant you can also pursue comprehensive school or general upper secondary school studies as labour market training if this might give you better access to working life and further education and training.

Orders on the provision of integration training are issued by the National Board of Education.

Integration services for immigrants

Unemployment and social benefits during integration