Unemployment benefit to support short-term study

If you are an unemployed jobseeker, you may receive unemployment benefit while completing short-term studies of up to six months of duration.

The changes to the Unemployment Security Act will take effect on 31.12.2018 and will only apply to studies that begin after this date.  

In the future, you may receive unemployment benefit to support your studies for six months, if

  • you are over 25 years old
  • your studies provide you with vocational skills or support your self-employment

This means that your studies must aim to promote employment, and thus the law can not be applied to studies that have a clear recreational focus or duration of more than six months.

If you want to return to your prior studies, at least a year must have passed from when your studies were discontinued.

How should I proceed when interested in short-term study?

Also in the future, all studies must be notified in advance to the TE Office. The TE Office will make an assessment of your studies if needed. The TE Office always issues a labour policy statement on studies. For this reason, always remember to contact TE the Office before starting your study period.

Do not use E-Services to notify the TE Office about short-term studies. Contact the TE Office before starting your studies by leaving a contact request or by calling our telephone service on 0295 025 500.

How to use the services

If your studies last more than six months, you may want to learn more about the option of independent study.

A jobseeker’s independent study can be supported by unemployment benefit

During short-term study you still have the obligation to seek for and accept full-time work, as well as to participate in services that promote employment. Studies are not an acceptable reason to refuse a job. Studying will not increase the payment rate of the unemployment benefit.

Different ways to study during unemployment

By clicking the image below you will see a chart presenting different ways of studying during unemployment. (in Finnish)