Activation model

The activation model will change the way you receive your unemployment benefit. The model will affect the majority of jobseekers who are involved with the TE Office.

To receive full unemployment benefits, you must fulfil the activity requirement. Kela or your unemployment fund will check whether you have fulfilled your activity requirement and then pay your benefit accordingly.

The TE Office does not participate in the activeness monitoring process, and it is not responsible for specifying which services fulfil the activity requirement. 
List of services

List of services that fulfil the activity requirement (

Service providers may independently post their services on When posting a service, the service provider verifies that the service meets the requirements of the activation model as of 1 April 2019.

If the service is provided by a party other than the TE Office, the service provider will provide you with a certificate for participation in the activity. It is advisable to contact the service provider directly if you wish to confirm that a service fulfils the activity requirement.

A certificate form published for reporting activities that promote employment (TYJ, news article, in Finnish)

In general, for its own services, the TE Office provides a statement or a list directly to the payer of the benefit, that is, the unemployment fund or Kela. In that case, a certificate is not required.

The payer of the unemployment benefit, that is, your unemployment fund or Kela, decides whether the activity requirement is fulfilled. If you have any questions related to your unemployment benefit, it is advisable to contact the payer of the benefit directly.

Who does the activation model not apply to?

The activation model does not apply to you if you

  • are receiving benefits granted due to a disability or injury.
  • are an informal caregiver or family carer
  • have a pending disability pension application in a pension insurance company
  • are being paid unemployment benefits on the basis of a full-time layoff for a period that lasts under 65 payment days.

Fulfilling the activity requirement

To retain your current unemployment benefits, you must fulfil the activity requirement.

This means that during the inspection period, you will be required to e.g.

  • perform 18 hours of paid work. Your wage must be in accordance with the relevant collective bargaining agreement.
  • in the course of self-employment as an entrepreneur, earn a total of at least 23 per cent of the monthly earnings requirement for self-employed persons, which in 2019 is around 246 euros.
    For entrepreneurs
    The entrepreneur and unemployment security
  • participate in five days of TE Office services that promote or support employment, for example in job search training, career guidance, job coaching
    Services that promote employment and expense allowance
    Local TE services (in Finnish)
  • complete five days of study activities that have been approved by the TE Office, including part-time and short-term study periods (from 31 December 2018 onwards)

Unemployment benefit and part-time studying
Unemployment benefit to support short-term study
A jobseeker’s independent study can be supported by unemployment benef
Vocational labour market training

How to apply

Contact the TE Office if you would like to ask about the services arranged by the TE Office.

Remember to also contact the TE Office if you would like to begin studying or notify the TE Office of any work or entrepreneurial periods that will last for over two weeks.

The easiest way to do this is to submit a notice or leave a contact request via E-Services.  The easiest way to do this is to submit a notice or leave a contact request via E-Services.

E-Services (in Finnish)

If you have any questions regarding the activation model, please get in touch with Kela or your unemployment fund. Remember to notify the agency that will pay your unemployment benefit about your activity when applying for any unemployment benefits.

Please note that not all services that can be used to fulfil the activity requirement are arranged by the TE Office. Please contact the arranger of the service directly if you have any questions about the service.

A list of all available services will be added to the service in the near future.

For more information and details on the activation model, see for example the Activation model FAQ page.

Activation model FAQ

How long is the monitoring period?

The monitoring period for the activation model is 65 unemployment benefit payment days, i.e. usually around three months.

When you fulfil the activation requirement, the amount of unemployment benefit that is paid will not change. If you do not fulfil the activation requirement, your unemployment benefit will decrease by 4.65 % for the next monitoring period. This reduction corresponds to one payment day per month.

Your unemployment benefit will not be decreased any further, even if you are unable to fulfil your activity requirement during the monitoring period.