What should I do to apply for unemployment benefit?

Register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment.

  • You can register already before you become unemployed, your lay off begins or your working time is reduced to a shortened work week.  
  • Re-register as an unemployed jobseeker after completing labour force training or a pay subsidy period.

Instructions on how to register as a jobseeker: 
Customers of TE Services 

Your waiting period (5 days) will also only begin once you have started your job search. During the waiting period, no unemployment benefit will be paid.

After beginning your job search, you will receive a labour policy statement, on your eligibility for unemployment security or a request for more information on which the statement will be based.

Information on the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits, applying for these and when you start receiving the benefits: 
Unemployment security 

When you begin your job search you will also be given instruction on how your customer relationship with TE Services will progress.

  • Comply with the instructions and deadlines given to you in E-services and by experts.
  • If you do not act in the manner required by the TE Office, your job search will be discontinued and you may lose your right to unemployment benefits for a fixed period or for the time being.

The rights and obligations of an unemployed jobseeker