Find out the terms and conditions of employment

It is important that you understand your rights and the obligations related to your work. As an employee, the same terms and conditions of employment and occupational safety requirements apply to you as to Finnish employees.

You have the right to pay and other terms of employment that comply with the collective agreement and protection provided by law, including non-discriminatory treatment. You also have the right to join a trade union and enjoy a safe work environment. 

It is your obligation to perform your work carefully and observe the instructions provided by your employer. Your obligations also include refusing activities competing with those of your employer and keeping business and trade secrets. 

Your employer must provide you with sufficient supervision in your duties

Find out the terms and conditions of employment

Find out the terms and conditions laid down in the collective agreement for your field before you sign an employment contract. The collective agreement contains the terms and conditions that must be complied with in employment contracts and employment relationships.

Trade unions and employers' organisations negotiate a wage level and other terms and conditions of employment for most fields. The final pay and other terms and conditions of employment are usually determined in a personal employment contract between the employee and the employer. 

The minimum terms and conditions of employment of foreign employees posted in Finland have been laid down in a separate act.

Find out about your pay matters

Your employer will either follow the collective agreement of its field of activity made by the employer organisation or a generally binding collective agreement. Minimum wages are usually agreed on in field-specific collective agreements. 

If your field does not have a collective agreement, your employment contract will determine your pay. Find out which field-specific collective agreement has been used to determine your pay. You will find information on wages on the website of the trade union that represents your field.

Acquire basic language skills

Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. The native language of 91% of the population is Finnish while 5% of the population speak Swedish as their native language. Find out how proficient you should be in Finnish or Swedish in the job you are applying for. Only large, international companies generally use English as the working language.

Learn the basics of Finnish or Swedish before you move to Finland. Find out whether courses in these languages are available in your country of origin. The internet also offers a number of opportunities for learning Finnish or Swedish independently.