Working hours, holidays and legislation

Working hours

In Finland, regular working hours total a maximum of eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. A five-day working week is generally in use. 

Exceptions to the regular working hours can be made by collective agreements or by an agreement between the employer and the employee.

The specific consent of the employee is required each time overtime is required by the employer. The maximum amounts of overtime have been specifically determined and may not be exceeded. The employer must pay employees an increased wage for overtime.

The Working Hours Act lays down provisions on working hours. The act applies to matters such as additional work, overtime, work schedules and rest periods.

Holidays and holiday pay

As an employee, you earn annual holiday in accordance with your full holiday credit months. A full holiday credit month is a calendar month during which you have accumulated at least 14 days or 35 hours at work. 

According to the Annual Holidays Act, an employee is entitled to two weekdays of holiday for each full holiday credit month if the duration of the employment relationship has been an uninterrupted period of less than one year. If the employment relationship has continued for over a year, an employee is entitled to two and a half weekdays of holiday for each full holiday credit month. If you, in accordance with your employment contract, work for less than 35 hours a month, you have the right to be given leave equivalent to the annual holiday.

Your employer must explain to the employees the general principles observed at the workplace in the granting of annual holidays. Before determining the timing of the holiday, your employer must grant employees an opportunity to express their views on the matter.

An employee has a right to receive at least his/her regular or average pay for the time of his/her annual holiday and the holiday pay must be paid before the start of the holiday. A holiday bonus to be paid either before the holiday or after it has also been agreed on in collective agreements.