Non-discrimination and protection of privacy in working life

An employer must treat employees equally. Employees may not be placed in a different position during employment or employee recruitment without acceptable justification. Discrimination on the basis of 

  • age
  • ethnic or national origin
  • language
  • religion
  • opinion
  • health
  • disability and 
  • other similar characteristics

is prohibited by the Finnish Non-Discrimination Act.

The Finnish Act on Equality between Women and Men forbids discrimination based on gender. This means that women and men shall be treated in the same manner in similar and comparable situations. 

A person who has encountered or suspects discrimination based on gender can contact the Ombudsman for Equality for instructions and advice. You can also contact your trade union or the occupational safety and health authorities for advice if you believe that you have been subjected to discrimination at your workplace or during recruitment.

Protection of privacy in working life

The employer is only allowed to process personal data directly necessary for the employee’s employment relationship. The employer has the right to process information concerning the employee's state of health only if the information has been collected from the employee him/herself or if the employee has given his/her written consent for the disclosure of the information.

An extract on criminal background is required of persons working with children. Employees must order the extract themselves. An employer cannot be authorised to order the extract. The extract is merely intended to be presented to an employer or an approving authority for inspection.