Young people

Work will be a key part of your life after completing comprehensive school. The way you spend the period after comprehensive school will make a big difference in your life.

There are plenty of opportunities out there – you just have to find them first, be brave and grab them!

These pages contain information about how the employment and economic development services (TE services) can help you with

  • setting your goals and choosing a career
  • getting into suitable education and training
  • finding information about funding your studies
  • finding out about what kind of jobs are available and what you should do to apply for them
  • obtaining a basic income if you cannot find a job immediately
  • making plans for starting your own business.

The TE services will help to ensure that you will not be left on your own. They will also support you if finding work or a place in education or training seems to be more difficult than usual for you.

Where can I find the TE services?

There are many ways of contacting the TE services

  • use our online services
  • call our helpline
  • visit your local TE Office.

Click on the video links on the right to see what TE services  have to offer for you. If you are under 30 years of age, you will be supported  in finding job and educational opportunities by the Youth guarantee.