Which occupation?

After graduation, many people don’t know clearly what they want to do for a living. Or does it feel like the field you’ve chosen is not the right one? There are hundreds of occupations and educational opportunities to choose from – and you are bound to find an option that interests you as well. You should think carefully about what you are interested in.

When you are looking for an occupation that suits you, think about

  • what your interests are, as they will help you act with determination and thus better achieve your goals
  • the things you value the most and what you are good at
  • whether there are any tasks that you don’t think you would be good at for one reason or another

Don’t forget that you can never be sure if a certain solution is the best possible one. Don’t limit your options to just one – there can be many good alternatives when it comes to finding your dream occupation. Finding them will require a bit of effort.

 More options in working life on Ammattinetti

Ammattinetti is an online databank for people planning their careers. The site includes

  • descriptions of different occupations and sectors more broadly
  • videos about different professions
  • interviews with professionals from different fields who talk about their work
  • stories on how different people found their place in the working life.

Browse Ammattinetti (ammattinetti.fi)

Occupational employment prospects in the future on The Occupational Barometer

The Occupational Barometer provides a glimpse into the TE Offices’ views on the employment situations of various occupations.

  • Whether an occupation is in demand or there are too many applicants per job
  • Recent joblessness levels and the number of open spots available
  • How the situation varies per profession in different regions

Check the Occupational Barometer (ammattibarometri.fi)

Occupational employment prospects and other occupational information on ForeAmmatti

The ForeAmmatti online service gives you a glimpse on the following things, among other things:

  • tasks of different occupations and their average salary levels
  • how many jobs are available in the different regions of Finland
  • how many are applying for the same jobs
  • what kinds of skill requirements employers have included in their job advertisements.

Check the ForeAmmatti service (foreammatti.fi) (in Finnish)

AVO helps you turn your goals into corresponding professions

If you are not sure of the type of education or career you are interested in, you can take the AVO career choice test.  With it, you can

  • test which professions match your wishes and on what basis
  • save your results, so that you can really look into the educational and vocational options that are available to you.

The AVO programme has been reformed. While the basis of the service has stayed the same, the page’s functionality has been simplified and it is now also available on mobile.

The AVO career choice program (asiointi.mol.fi)

Help with choosing a career at the TE Office

You can also talk to a TE service expert about your situation and thoughts, and they can help you find the solution to your situation. These discussions are based on your wishes alone and they are always strictly confidential.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Education Guidance service by phone, email or on Facebook.

Telephone service for personal customers

The Education Guidance service on Facebook (facebook.com)

You can call the psychologist at Career Counselling or book a phone appointment so that the psychologist can call you.

Telephone service for personal customers

If you would like to talk to someone face-to-face about your career opportunities, your local TE Services website lists the contact information for psychologists to book appointments and other services. Psychologists can help answer your questions about career choice, work or education. Working together with you. the psychologist can clarify your requirements, goals and options in education and working life.

Local TE Services