Impacts of Brexit for work and business

15.10.2019, updated 3.3.2020

The United Kingdom is set to leave the EU on 1 February 2020. When the withdrawal agreement takes effect, a transition period will begin and lasts until the end of 2020.During this time, the EU’s current rules will remain in force and the future relationship will be negotiated. During the transition period, the UK will have all the rights and obligations of a Member State.

The purpose of the withdrawal agreement is to ensure the UK’s orderly withdrawal from the EU. The withdrawal agreement will, among other things, safeguard the residence, employment and social security rights of EU citizens residing in the UK and UK citizens residing in the EU for life if they have settled in the UK or the EU before the end of the transition period.

With regard to persons moving to each other’s territory after 31 December 2020, free movement will end and restrictions will be placed on the entry and rights of EU and UK citizens.

Brexit affects earnings-related unemployment allowance on job-seeking trips

You can travel to another EU member state for three months to look for a job and receive earnings-related unemployment allowance during this time.

If you are on a job-seeking trip in the UK when the UK's membership of the EU ends with no deal, the payment of the allowance from Finland will end on the date the UK leaves the EU. You can resume receiving the allowance by registering as a jobseeker in Finland.

If you find a job in the UK during your job-seeking trip, you should contact your unemployment fund for further instructions.

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