Fault in Vacancies services


Some of our customers have encountered difficulties when using the Vacancies service. Search results are not being displayed in all web browsers. This problem has particularly affected certain versions of Google Chrome.

If you encounter this problem, we recommend that you try clearing your cache, switching your browser, or going to private browsing mode. We also recommend that you add paikat.te-palvelut.fi to your ad blocker ignore list. Selecting CTRL + SHIFT + R (Apple CMD + SHIFT + R) will reload the site completely from the server.

If the search still doesn't work, we kindly ask that you provide feedback telling us

  • Which operating system your computer or phone is running (e.g. Windows 10, Mac OS 10.14, Android 9, iOs 12.4)
  • If you have a mobile device (phone or tablet), what make and model?
  • Which browser do you have (e.g. Chrome 75, Firefox 68)?
  • Do you have any browser add-ons, such as an ad blocker?
  • Is JavaScript enabled in your browser?

The problem in question was addressed in August 2019 on the basis of feedback we received. If similar problems occur, please send us your feedback.

Feedback form

We would like apologize for any inconvenience experienced because of this fault.