Online services for employers

Report a vacancy (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • to the Avoimet työpaikat (Vacancies) service at the TE Office and online
  • with a user ID that you can obtain from the TE Office (contract customers) or without an online service contract

Edit or delete a job advertisement (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • Online services for contract customers

CV-netti and CV-vahti (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • Browse jobseekers
  • Subscribe to CV-Vahti (CV watch) service to have information about interesting new CVs sent to your e-mail address
  • Requires a KATSO ID

Current labour market training programmes (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • Browse current training programmes
  • Contains training providers' contact details

Application for pay subsidy (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • Pay subsidy for employing an unemployed jobseeker
  • Requires a KATSO ID

Pay Subsidy Payment (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • For support applicants whose e-application has been decided upon.
  • Requires a KATSO ID